If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.


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    Room Mists




    Chakra Cleanse Mist

    Blended to cleanse and remove any lower energy or hooks that may have attached to your person during your day.

    Kcuf Off Thanks Room Mist

    I love to laugh. It not only releases happy endorphins but its a great way to exercise your face, and its contagious. Kcuf Off Thanks was designed to give the user a laugh but also for practical purposes. Think fresh rosemary with notes of peppermint and citrus. Black Obsidian chips and a sprinkle of Angelica Root. (great for exorcism) 100ml glass bottle.

    Kcuf Off Thanks is a fabulous addition to any work space and we are making it by the gallon.

    Banish Smokeless Smudge Room Mist

    Designed to reset and remove any lingering negative energy or entity from a space.

    Much like a smudge stick but more versatile, smoke free and blended to assist in a variety of challenges.

    This origional design has received wonderful feedback since it’s initial creation years ago.

    Business Success Bench Mist

    A powerful brew of success manifesting elements, blended to assist with bringing more abundance into your reality. A gentle spritz purposely designed to wipe over your benches in your business space. Assisting with clearing the many energies that pass through your doors daily, and refreshing your space ready for a new day. (Although this may be tempting, please don’t spray directly in anyones face. I feel you my retail family!!) Comes in a 100ml Glass bottle with labels and instructions present.

    Moody Blues

    Designed to aid with the swing of the mones & uplift the energy in the child’s cave.

    It will pass.


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